Response to Tottenham Area Action Plan 2015

Latin Elephant Feedback to Tottehnam Area Action Plan 2015

Pueblito Paisa in Seven Sisters Market, is home to the second largest concentration of Latin American businesses in London, and as its name suggests the retailers are mostly Colombian, but there are also retailers from Peru and Cuba. Wards Corner – the building that houses Pueblito Paisa – is also home to retailers of African, Afro-Caribbean and Indian descent. A manual survey of Seven Sisters Market revealed that 23 units (out of 39) were occupied by Latin American retailers (Roman-Velazquez, 2013). Pueblito Paisa’s contribution to the local economy is supported by wider community networks and strong community engagement.

Latin Elephant submitted this response to Tottenham Action Area Plan (TAAP) in collaboratin with Pueblito Paisa, Ltd. and West Green Rd & Seven Sisters Development Trust. We continue to promote the contribution that migrant and ethnic communities make to London’s diverse economies and cultures and for supporting exisiting migrant and ethnic retail in Tottenham.

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